Kim Bryant

Human Resource Director

Location: Jacksonville, FL • iEstablished: 2006

Kim Bryant handles multiple human resource functions including payroll, benefits, onboarding new employees, and cultural programs, like iMethods’ Dream Program—a program that encourages sharing and accountability to help employees achieve their dreams in life. Kim has a desire for serving others and wants to make people’s interactions with human resources a positive one. With nearly 20 years of human resource experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, Kim brings a lot of knowledge and guidance to our team.

In 2008, she obtained her Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification. She graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in Marine Science (hence the need for the SPHR certification). She once dreamed of working with dolphins and whales, but now gets to work with a much more dangerous animal – people!

Outside of her responsibilities at work, Kim Bryant and her husband are proud parents of their son and daughter. Her family enjoys going to the zoo, the beach, being outside and just spending time together.

Favorite Place to be:
The ocean