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Enterprise-level experience, personal approach.

iMethods is an integrity-driven, people-centric Healthcare IT solutions provider.

Our process takes a right-person, right-place approach to fulfill unique position requirements as we connect healthcare providers to accomplished healthcare IT professionals. When doing business with iMethods, you get our unwavering commitment to provide expert, interpersonal service at every step of the recruitment and fulfillment stages.

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How We Do It : A Proprietary Approach for Success.

iMethods has grown its business – and its reputation – by delivering great results and building long- term relationships with its clients, consultants and candidates. Our proprietary quality methodology – called iEngage – is designed to ensure the success of every engagement, for every stakeholder. iEngage is comprised of four pillars, each representing a step in the
process we follow to guarantee desired outcomes

See what our clients are saying about working with us.

"Our engagement with the firm is not a check-the-box type of engagement. I appreciate the firm's methodology. They start out the relationship by explaining their methodology, and they allow us to adapt it so that it works for our organization. The firm is very flexible." - Manager, November 2021

Creative Brand Manager

"iMethods has gotten to know us as a customer and our teams. From a technical aptitude perspective, the position we look to fill is pretty straightforward. The biggest challenge is finding a cultural fit, and iMethods does that exceptionally well. iMethods can really home in on an individual who is the right fit. iMethods is simply instrumental to our success. I can't say that enough. If an individual wants to be a consultant and to learn from the best, they can do that with iMethods." - Director, June 2022  

Members of the iMethods team walking through our lobby

"Our overall experience with the firm is that they do a really nice job of ensuring that we find value in their services and balance with supporting their consultants. They engage with us to obtain feedback and talk about areas where we could be more helpful or where we are doing a good job. The firm provides quality candidates, but they also create a mechanism to obtain feedback so that we don't have constant turnover with the consultants" - Manager, November 2021

Two iMethods employees working in our library

"iMethods is a very strong partner and a great company to work with. The firm continually communicates and makes sure that we have what we need. iMethods does not have a hands-off approach on a project; they are very much a hands-on firm, and they want to make sure we are happy. iMethods is accepting of feedback, so that is good." - Director, June 2022

Two iMethods employees sitting in our kitchen nook area

The firm listens, cares, and understands what we are trying to solve. Some of the staffing agencies we use just give us bodies, but iMethods is very good at understanding the skill set we are looking for. The firm listens and delivers. - VP/ Executive, July 2022

"We were making changes right up to the end of our iMethods engagement, and they were great about being able to adapt and adjust. They were on the spot and made sure we had the resources we needed with background checks done. iMethods was really responsive." - Manager, July 2022

Thoughtful transformation.

We say transformation because this investment has a visible, measurable, and profound positive impact on our client’s bottom line.

Offering a wide range of services, iMethods has the know-how and manpower to take on even the most complex HIT transformations. Our analysts carefully produce custom solutions that best fit our clients’ needs today and in the future.

Put our services to the test and see how being a part of the iMethods team can be the positive change you’ve been looking for.

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