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Looking back at the 2023 Fall Healthcare Education Summit

Earlier this month, iMethods held its 16th Healthcare Education Summit in Oklahoma City. In partnership with OU Health, iMethods hosted more than 100 attendees representing 20 health systems from across the country to discuss the current and future state of healthcare.

Titled, “Healthcare’s Next Frontier,” the Summit brought together healthcare IT leaders to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and share best practices with each other in an informal and engaging setting.

The agenda was rich with topics as diverse as AI, cybersecurity, women in healthcare IT, interoperability and workforce engagement, but that’s only part of the value of the Summit. The networking among attendees in this small-group setting is where the magic happens. Each participant left the Summit with new peer connections and ideas about how they can leverage practical (and proven) ideas for the benefit of their own health systems.

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The Sessions

Dr. Matt Atkins, Chief of Hospital Medicine at OU Health, kicked off the Summit at noon on October 12th with a keynote focusing on the importance of leveraging healthcare IT to improve quality, safety and patient experience.

Individual presentations ran throughout the afternoon of October 12th and the morning of October 13th including:

  • A discussion on proper planning for data migration, led by Sidney Dixon of Tower Health
  • The latest on interoperability requirements from Michael Marchant of UC Davis
  • A download on potential impacts of AI on healthcare, delivered by AI experts Katie Bakewell (NLP Logix) an Adam Silverman (
  • Educational techniques applied by Ochsner Health in New Orleans to engage – and retain – employees, as presented by Ochsner Health’s Hayley Gomez and Emily Aucoin
  • A focus on clear communication and expectation-setting as a key tool in leading successful teams, presented by Julianne Dearinger-Smith of Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, FL
  • Insights around building a culture of security, delivered by Arnot Health CISO Rebecca Kennis
  • A behind-the-scenes look at all of the downstream impacts to an organization of moving to a new EHR, shared by OU Health technology leaders Monte Coulter and Darin Prill.

In addition, we had several panel discussions throughout the event, including one focused on making the journey to Epic (from another EHR), Women in Healthcare IT Leadership and a CIO Forum, where four CIOs from across the country talked about technology and workforce challenges, along with other issues that keep them up at night.

Panelists represented organizations including:

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The Party

No iMethods Summit would be complete without a themed dinner party, and this year’s event was no exception. Held at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s Prosperity Junction, guests were able to party like it was 1899, complete with Happy Hour, dinner, live music and an interactive bank robbery experience. These parties have become a highlight of each year’s Summit and Prosperity Junction did not disappoint!

Visit the iMethods Healthcare Education website here to see photos from the entire Summit as well as review the presentations for those individual sessions mentioned above (password is imethodssummit).


About the Summits

The iMethods Healthcare Education Summits foster open dialogue under one roof, where our client partners can discuss the issues they face and the strategies they employ to manage an ever-changing healthcare technology landscape. We believe that creating a trusted environment where colleagues can come together to network and share best practices is the best way to foster a real exchange of ideas. Sponsored by iMethods, each Summit is hosted by a different health system partner.