iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Best in KLAS | What It Means To Our Clients

iMethods recently received the prestigious Best in KLAS award for HIT Staffing (for the second time in four years!). We know how excited the iMethods family was about this win, but we wondered what it might mean to our clients. They are, after all, consumers of iMethods’ services and it’s their voice reflected in the KLAS evaluations.

To learn more, we met with a couple of iMethods clients who have worked with us on different types of engagements in recent years.

Dr. Terri Keeling, VP of Information Technology at University Hospitals in Cleveland, indicated that her team leverages KLAS when assessing new software and services. “It’s a great way to narrow the field of options for a given product or service,” she shared. “Having said that,” she added, “if we already have a partner we are working with and trust, KLAS standings become a way for us to validate our decision to continue that relationship. It’s always nice to confirm that what we are seeing is consistent with others’ experiences.”

Regarding UH’s experience with iMethods, Keeling offered, ”iMethods is unique in that their team truly prioritizes our success and values the relationships they build with us. I’ve never seen anything like it. Their Best in KLAS ranking doesn’t surprise me at all. I personally know so many individuals at iMethods – from senior leadership to my exceptional account manager to consultants working for us. I can pick up the phone at any time to call someone for an idea, a hard-to-find resource or a connection to another health system working through a similar challenge. They are responsive and I can rely on them to find talent that meets both our technical and cultural requirements. iMethods has become an integral part of our IT strategy and an extension of our team.”

Julie Dearinger-Smith, Director of Clinical Applications and Support at Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, FL, echoed Keeling’s sentiments: “I consider KLAS rankings a great way to confirm choices we’ve made in our selection of software and services. iMethods’ win in this category is consistent with what I know of the firm. They have brought our organization quality resources, educational events and opportunities to collaborate with peers through advisory groups and meetings. I’m pleased to see iMethods recognized for their good work by KLAS.”


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