iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Healthcare Analytics

Dramatic shifts in the healthcare industry have necessitated adoption of a healthcare-analytics approach to ensure healthy growth and prolonged viability. Our consultants help hospitals and health systems to create a healthcare analytics culture that merges information technology and clinical informatics to get the most out of their data.

  • Data Governance: the integrity of your data is paramount to everything you do. Our consultants develop comprehensive plans and procedures unique to your organization to ensure your data remains secure, usable, and available at all times.
  • Workflow Design: iMethods holds tremendous expertise in diagnosing and assessing clinical workflows and producing customized strategies to eliminate redundancies, bottlenecks, and delays. We prioritize, prepare, and align an asset strategy and combine it with emerging technology to provide integration for your workflows based on your current, as well as, future needs. Remember our fanatical attention quality? We make sure our solutions are effective by continuing to audit results and tweaking as necessary to ensure you’re getting the benefits you expect.
  • Population Health: The goal of population health management is to take a proactive approach to keep patients as healthy as possible. By gathering data and predicting outcomes of a group of individuals, more efficient and higher quality care can be provided. This approach to patient-focused healthcare has been shown to yield far greater results than a volume-driven strategy. Our team of experts uses a systematic approach for population health management to properly position your organization for the future.
  • Reporting: perhaps the least sexy of our services but arguably one of the most profound contributors eliciting real, positive organizational change, is the science of informatics. Our consultants expertly bridge the gap between the clinical and technical realms to sift through mountains of data to discern patterns and predict future results. With this data-driven approach, our results can be measured, qualified, and continually tweaked to meet changing customer demands.