iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0


Gaining insight into your current IT operations, we’ll be able to provide key improvement recommendations. We’ll make sure you are leveraging your technology to the greatest degree possible to increase the safety and quality of care you provide to your patients throughout the continuum of care.

  • Advisory Services: we partner with our clients to tailor an approach to their largest IT, infrastructure, budgetary and change management challenges. We design strategic, financial, operational and technological solutions to meet desired goals, as well as managing regulatory risks to enhance operations and our client’s bottom line. Advisory services typically fall under three areas: Road Mapping, Clinical & Technical Partnership, and Contract Negotiation.
  • Strategic HIT Planning: strategic planning is critical in providing a foundation for governance, management and execution of HIT initiatives. iMethods uses a holistic approach, assessing all potential challenges and developing a consolidated plan for HIT organizational strategy and transformation. This typically falls under the areas of: Alignment, IT Investment & Cost/Benefit Analysis, Clinical/Technical/Patient Engagement, and HR/Payroll systems.
  • Project/Team Structure: with a right-person, right-place approach our analysts seek to find the very best structure for your existing project team members.
  • Health Data Management: our consultants produce best practices for your organization to store, protect, and analyze the mountains of data being collected from your systems. Effective management of this data allows our clients to view patients holistically, which in turn allows for customizing treatments, improving internal and external communication, and enhanced quality of care overall.
  • Security: from initial registration to bedside input to firewall effectiveness, our approach to security assessments seek to mimic the probable points-of-failure a potential threat might seek to exploit. Our team of HIT security experts provide reporting to identify potential risk areas and existing challenges within your environment with recommendations for bolstering your organization’s defenses against these threats.
  • Revenue Cycle: our consultants hold tremendous expertise in capturing and analyzing the processes for collecting and managing patient-service revenue. We employ best practices to determine the most effective processes for your organization and tailor these to streamline your unique revenue cycle.