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iStories | Joanne Loiseau: The Teacher

“Make our training memorable and make it meaningful.”

That was a piece of advice from our CEO, Clint Drawdy, to Joanne during her last interview for the Learning and Development Manager role. Now, despite having been with our team for only six months, Joanne has created numerous memorable training programs the way she wants to and has made a significant impact on the entire organization.


Six months ago, Joanne was feeling anything but excited. Working as a teacher, the classroom no longer provided the spark she wanted in her career. Virtual learning during the pandemic had taken its toll, and although students were back to in-person learning, she felt a lingering disconnect. Joanne knew she needed a change. After setting her parameters for LinkedIn job searches, she began the tedious process of applying. Day by day, checking her inbox for responses, no emails came through, but she remained confident that the perfect position was out there for her.

Luckily, before too long, Joanne came across a unique role at an organization with an office only a few miles from her house and decided to apply. The next day she received a call from our Vice President of People Development, Dean Medley, about scheduling an interview. According to Joanne, “During that first call, Dean said something that stuck out to me. He said, ‘No one ever leaves. We have close to a 98% retention rate.’ I thought this was a sales tactic and nothing more.” Nonetheless, this resonated with her and, as she moved through the interview process, she came to understand why Dean was right.

After that initial call, Joanne toured our office and met some of our team. It’s worth noting that “our office” at the time consisted of more moving boxes than it did desks or employees. iMethods was relocating its headquarters due to recent growth and was still navigating the post-pandemic work environment. Despite all of this, stepping through the door, Joanne felt an immediate sense of home, noting, “Even after meeting only two or three people, I was sold after that tour. Everyone I met had a genuine interest in me, and they were so friendly.”

The next day, her phone lit up again with a call from Dean. Feeling that such a quick response could only mean this had to be the “Thank you for applying, but . . ” phone call, she prepared to thank Dean for the opportunity and continue her search. That’s not what the call was about at all!

Dean called to extend the offer. Joanne had found her spark again.

Application to acceptance took only 15 days for Joanne. The fuel behind this? The opportunity was the right fit both for Joanne and iMethods. Joanne’s desire to help others learn aligned with the teacher in her, but this role would allow her to be herself in a place that valued individuality and creativity. As our Learning and Development Manager, she sits in a unique seat on the iMethods bus. She plays a key role in training our new hires – whether it be Recruiters, Account Executives or Operations staff – and is responsible for developing and implementing new strategic and engaging training programs for our entire company.

When asked about what makes this position so rewarding, Joanne emphasized that it’s the support from everyone in the organization that has allowed her to mold and adapt L&D in her own way. Joanne says, “Consistently, one after another, in emails, texts, or in-person, people have told me how valued I’ve made them feel and thanked me for what I’m doing.” These small but meaningful moments have been incredibly meaningful for Joanne, inspiring her to create new ways of connecting and strengthening our team.

“I’m inspired every day by our leadership team who embraces everyone for their differences and keeps the vision of our company at the forefront of all we do to lift everyone else… it’s a blessing.”