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iStories | Amber Johnson: The Learner

We’ve all been there. Faced with a tough decision, the butterflies begin fluttering in our stomachs. We start to travel the winding “What If” paths in our minds. But, before too long, we course correct and begin to map our way to a decision. For many of us, whether reaching for the sticky notes, pulling out our journal or cozying up to the keyboard, we make a version of that all-too-familiar pros and cons list.

These lists have helped people with decisions ranging from where their next vacation will be to where their next job will take them. And when it came to growing her career, Amber Johnson began making her list a bit differently. During her first Graduate Assistant position at Southeastern University, Amber wanted to focus on what made her happy and what she wanted to live out in her next job (when the time came.) So, her list included line after line of attributes that she not only did well but simultaneously sparked her passion. Rather than dissecting and weighing the pros and cons, this process has helped her quickly identify what fuels her ambitions and created the road map that ultimately led Amber to iMethods as a Healthcare IT Recruiter.


Amber’s first connection with iMethods didn’t come from our Internal Recruiter or a job posting on LinkedIn. She first found iMethods when another recruiter and good friend, Sean Kelly, gave her a call and asked about a different position entirely. He was Amber’s youth pastor in high school, and after catching up, Sean took a shot in the dark and asked if Amber had ever considered becoming a recruiter. iMethods was growing like crazy, and he thought she would be a great fit on our team. But, she was hesitant at first. Her list didn’t align at all with the recruiting stereotypes of transactional culture or “the hard sell.” But, walking down those “What If” paths in her mind, she thought, “it can’t hurt to hear him out.” After hearing the passion in Sean’s voice when answering her questions, Amber felt at ease when considering exploring this path further. Sean later introduced Amber to our Internal Recruiter, Lindsey Jackson, and they went into more detail about the duties and responsibilities of the role, but also Amber’s passions. Genuine connections are high on Amber’s list, and as her excitement grew, she moved through the hiring process to visit our office for the first time.

 “The coolest part for me was seeing everything that Sean and Lindsey told me about the culture of iMethods – and how they operate translated in just one tour.” – Amber Johnson


Our CEO will be the first to tell you that we have an extensive process for joining the iMethods team. But we do so to find the right people. This ethos intertwined with all the things on Amber’s list. When it was finally time to make the decision, she felt an immense connection to the culture and joined our team with a resounding yes.

As an avid learner, Amber epitomized our core value of “Constant Learning” during her recruiter training. With little background in healthcare, she felt comforted knowing that this curriculum would chart a course for success in healthcare IT and allow her to connect deeply with industry professionals. Amber adds, “Our training is so detailed and we need to learn so many aspects of the healthcare IT industry. But, when I’m speaking with a candidate or one of my consultants, I want to truly get to know their passions for the industry and what exactly they do daily. This is a way for me to strengthen my relationships with people but also allows me to scratch the itch to learn as much as possible to be a better recruiter.”

Not only has Amber’s persistence for knowledge helped her become a better recruiter, but her desire to genuinely develop relationships with candidates and consultants connects her to our principle of meaningful work. The stressors of being a recruiter can be challenging at times. But Amber’s ability to “lose fast” has enabled her to gain the perspective of seeing that she has the daily opportunity to connect to people’s lives and their professional journeys. Early in Amber’s time at iMethods, she met a consultant that was perfect for a specific role. This consultant was a great cultural fit with the health system and certified in every aspect needed to succeed in the role. However, unexpectedly, the consultant needed to remove herself from candidacy due to a health emergency. While many recruiting firms may have sent condolences, Amber didn’t simply stop at sending flowers and a hand-written card. She stayed connected with this consultant to check in on her routinely, prayed with her and did anything she could to help during this challenging time, and truly showed that our culture goes beyond the transactional aspects of our work.

“How many companies can you think of that live out their core values? While every business has a mission statement, values and a desire to make an impact, how many of their employees could recite those things? Our leadership team has made it so ingrained in our culture that it’s easily seen in our daily work by celebrating people for their work – in the wins and the losses.”

We are all faced with a plethora of decisions daily. But when we begin making the list for those big decisions – like growing your career – don’t be afraid to take the same path Amber did. Don’t only focus on what an organization will give you but think about how it will shape you. Because if you’re linked to an organization with great culture, the possibilities are endless.