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The Great Reevaluation

Over the past two years, “The Great Resignation” has flooded the timelines of our social media channels and saturated our TV screens. Originally used to describe how many people were using the pandemic as an opportunity to reassess their work-life balance, the term has since developed a negative connotation as more than 47.8 million Americans left their jobs in 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

 Despite breaking records, this was not a short-term trend. Numerous factors contributed to this considerable disruption in the markets. “Since 2009, we’ve noticed an increase in people retiring, relocating and reconsidering their priorities. However, these factors were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.” says Dean Medley, Vice President of Human Resources and People Development at iMethods.

With workplace dynamics shifting rapidly and teams moving to a remote environment, many organizations needed to pivot quickly. In addition, cultural alignment between employers and their teams became an increasingly important factor in determining where people wanted to work. With flexible and remote opportunities available at most companies, employees could explore relocation and cultural fit in a way they never had before.

At iMethods, we challenged ourselves to recast “The Great Resignation” as “The Great Reevaluation” and took a unique approach – rooted in our Core Values – to supporting our employees as they reassessed their relationship with work and helped them chart a path forward that allowed them to achieve balance in a post-pandemic world.

Our Community

While “social distancing” also became a ubiquitous term over the last two years, often keeping our remote employees away from company meetings and events, our teams have stayed true to the company’s core values by sharing time and treasure within their own communities, extending the reach of the iMethods mission beyond northeast Florida. From North Carolina to Colorado, we worked with our Hire Purpose Foundation (iMethods’ very own non-profit) to create the “Adopt a Mission Campaign,” which raised money to help non-profits care for the underserved in communities where our remote employees reside. With a 100% match for all money raised through those organizations, we were able to make a tremendous impact on the lives of people suffering across the country.

Constant Learning and Tireless Efforts

Like most people over the last couple of years, we’ve had to relearn how to manage many aspects of our day-to-day lives – work, family, friendships, health and wellness, to name a few. At iMethods, we took a hard look at what our employees needed during this challenging time. We facilitated meaningful conversations, led book studies and built systems to support the mental, emotional and physical needs of our teams and individuals. Providing a purpose and a means of staying connected, despite physical distance, was an intentional effort on the part of leadership to keep our employees engaged and productive. With these systems in place, we then worked tirelessly to ensure they remained effective and valuable.

Telling the Truth

Whether returning to an office or updating our at-home workspace, the pandemic forced many of us to have an honest conversation with ourselves about where – and how – we wanted to work. As a remote employee that changed roles, and industries, in the middle of the pandemic, I had to be honest with myself about what I wanted next in my career. I also made it a priority to be transparent with the team at iMethods about my expectations as we discussed the position and its connection to the company. They did the same. Starting with this degree of transparency built a level of trust that is special to this day and made my transition to a new role infinitely easier.


A Different Perspective

We take great pride in our Core Values. They serve as the heartbeat of our organization and drive everything we do. We look to them to provide direction for our success, and that of our colleagues. They also have been an anchor point for all of us at iMethods during these turbulent two years. By embracing this time as an opportunity to re-evaluate, we have successfully positioned ourselves to retain our incredible employees and consultants and continue to attract top talent in a highly competitive landscape.