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Consultant Corner | Christy Edwards – A Passion for Consulting

Like many of iMethods’ consultant origin stories , the connection with the company and Christy Edwards began with a simple LinkedIn message. That initial point of contact may have seemed like any other, but when Christy and her recruiter, Jessica Smith, later spoke on the phone, Christy knew this team was different.

During the course of that first conversation, Jessica quickly saw that Christy’s extensive experience with Allscripts and her warm and inviting demeanor would make her the perfect candidate for a position at a key client site in New Hampshire, Catholic Medical Center (CMC). Recognizing how important it would be to get Christy into the identified role, Jessica lost no time in introducing her to the Sales Executive working closely with CMC, Jason Fouraker. Jason has worked closely with the team at CMC for more than six years and possesses a deep understanding of the quality and attributes the health system looks for in hiring outside resources. He knows how important it is for the consultant to align both professionally and culturally at CMC and, after a brief conversation with Christy, Jason saw the drive, determination and kindness that would make her a wonderful addition to the CMC Revenue Cycle team. Less than a week later, Christy started her contract as the Allscripts Revenue Cycle Consultant.

While this speed to market placement was all too familiar to Christy, moving forward on this engagement with the iMethods team was a new experience entirely. Those casual conversations early in the interview process with Jessica and Jason about her passions, hobbies and goals were all but forgotten as she took on the monumental project of collecting data in preparation for the implementation of Sunrise Financial at CMC. With the final stages of the implementation still months away, she remained in constant communication with the team at iMethods to ensure she was meeting client expectations and the project was still on track.

One of the biggest differentiators for Christy in working with the teams at CMC and iMethods was the natural connections between them. As with any Sales Executive, Jason is no stranger to racking up miles both in the air and on the highway to meet with clients and consultants. He also knows how important it is to simply reach out (wherever he may be at the time) to connect with consultants working with one of his clients. These conversations could be simple texts about how her son played in his most recent sporting event, a Zoom call sharing photos from her latest adventure exploring a new city or a deep dive into the intricacies of the projects she was working on at the time. Regardless of the subject, this intentional outreach and steady flow of information provided an extra layer of comfort and confidence for Christy to succeed in the role, and it made a lasting impression on her.

Over the next several months, the communication lines stayed open. Christy and her team continued to develop new and exciting workflows for CMC and as her engagement was drawing to a close there, Jessica once again reached out to share that she had found another amazing opportunity in which Christy’s skills, expertise and personality would be a perfect fit. Within another week-long span, and upon her completion of the CMC project, Christy found herself again working with iMethods and one of their clients, this time on the west coast of Florida at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. In Christy’s eyes, the entire process was “seamless.”

Christy has always been drawn to the consulting lifestyle. “I love to travel for fun, even when I’m not working. I love the thrill of being somewhere new and absorbing what that city has to offer.” Her love for travel and the ability to absorb the architecture, culture and cuisine of other cities is surpassed only by her love of family. When able, she loves to bring her family to the cities, and the health systems, where she’s working. While the consulting lifestyle does require time away from family, she has found that these trips not only create treasured memories, but allow those closest to her to see first-hand her passion for the profession and its impact on patient care.