iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Migrating to a new EHR? Having the right support team means everything.

During the transition to a new electronic health record, working directly with the EHR vendor and signing on to a managed services agreement seems like an easy choice. The resources are employed by the vendor and expected to be experts in relevant EHR applications. Ideally, this approach will deliver a seamless transition from pre-activation planning through to post-migration knowledge transfer. Resources are readily available and the IT team can rest assured that their needs will be met and potential pitfalls will be avoided. Sometimes, however, challenges arise that require an outside-in perspective.

Optimizing health system operations during a migration requires a deep and nuanced understanding of clinical and business workflows, many of which may have been customized in the EHR. That knowledge is best acquired through quality experience earned over time, working in diverse environments on a variety of healthcare IT engagements. This is where our expertise at iMethods can directly support and empower your IT team during a migration. By quickly and efficiently diving into the project at kickoff and then transferring knowledge to the IT team onsite as the project wraps up, iMethods’ consultants will ensure uninterrupted operations and deliver lasting results.

We take a synergistic approach with a contracted managed services team, maximizing operational efficiency and enhancing project reliability. As a Best in KLAS HIT Staffing company (2020 and 2023), iMethods has supported countless EHR migrations over the years. Our team of legacy support and EHR subject matter experts have the deep experience to identify resource and technology gaps, objectively track project progress and provide highly specialized support in complex technical environments.

We have a well-earned reputation for finding the right people to meet the unique requirements of our client partners. According to a KLAS Research-interviewed CMIO client, “What I absolutely love about working with iMethods is that they are real. They come in, talk with us, get to know us, understand our needs, understand our culture, and then go seek out the best candidates for us to interview. Because of the groundwork iMethods does ahead of time to get to know the clients, they end up placing very high-qualified individuals who really fit into the workforce very well. iMethods is consistently reaching out to follow up on our satisfaction and to address anything. We have just had a really great experience.”