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Migrating to a new EHR? You aren’t alone.

Across the country, the number of health systems migrating to more robust EHR platforms continues to grow. Moving off of an existing platform to an entirely new system is a major lift, straining both the organization’s financial resources as well as personnel, often over an extended period of time. Maintaining a high level of success and customer satisfaction while simultaneously upgrading to the new platform presents unique challenges.

At iMethods, we are equipped to face those challenges with our people-first approach. We carefully select subject matter experts to bring to the project, ensuring they are the right technical and cultural fit for the organization. We also work to support IT teams through the process. It’s important that they are engaged and equipped with the right resources to minimize stress associated with the migration. Having experts on board who have done the work in a variety of settings before can make all the difference to the outcome of the initiative.

Since 2016, we have successfully supported hospital partners as they take on this momentous effort. Our team of subject matter experts has assisted numerous health systems – from academic medical centers to mid-sized hospitals – as they have transitioned from one EHR to another. We have deep expertise in a number of clinical applications – including Epic®, Oracle Cerner® and Altera® – to ensure the legacy platform is operating optimally while new modules come online.

Recently, our team was selected to provide resources to support the Oracle Cerner legacy platform at a large health system in Florida. We were tasked with fulfilling service requests, providing incident management, supporting change management and performing application testing and training. In addition, we also had Epic implementation support responsibilities. We provided a large number of subject matter experts, project managers, analysts, business intelligence resources and billing/coding experts to support the health system’s launch of Epic.

In a similar conversion engagement, we are augmenting Oracle Cerner AMS by providing Tier III support to the organization. While utilizing vendor services provides some peace of mind, coupling this with our EHR experts and their skillsets provides an additional layer of confidence in the vendor support team’s ability to tackle complex customer needs.

From our inception, we have built our organization on the foundation of fostering long-term relationships with clients, consultants and candidates. Our commitment to quality extends from pre-planning activation through project completion and any process in between. This support benefits our client partners as they embark on any IT journey, none more critical to their long-term success than the ambitious migration to a new EHR.

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