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Joanne Loiseau

Learning and Development Manager

Location: Jacksonville, FL • iEstablished: 2022
Joanne Loiseau

Joanne Loiseau joined the iMethods team as the Learning and Development Manager.  She is passionate about personal and professional development and loves to serve others as they become their best selves.

Joanne’s industry experience is broad, ranging from Big Pharma to the classroom as a Math and Technology teacher.  Her roles, however, have always included building relationships and solving problems through education.

She holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Florida and is a huge Gator fan!  She is also a proud mother of two avid basketball players, so she spends a lot of her time cheering them on from the sideline.  Joanne loves cooking with her daughter, watching scary movies with her son and having date nights out for lots of oysters (and good wine) with her husband.

Fun Fact:
Loiseau means “the bird” in French and is pronounced (Luh-wa-so).

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