iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Darlene Fratello

Quality and Experience Manager

Location: Saint Augustine, FL • iEstablished: 2019
Darlene Fratello

Darlene Fratello is a Quality and Experience Manager. Helping people find their path and reach their full potential is something Darlene is passionate about. She believes in developing true connections by taking the time to get to really know someone and what they hope to achieve.

Prior to joining iMethods, Darlene Fratello was a Student Recruiter at Florida State College at Jacksonville where she played a pivotal role in assisting students in identifying the right program of study and getting them started on their educational journey. A natural progression in her career was to help others find their next step on the path. When Darlene joined iMethods she took the Marcus Buckingham StrengthsFinder Assessment and learned her greatest strength is her empathy. She was encouraged to be herself and let her strength shine. Her inherent interest in others helps to put people at ease, allowing for a conversation that is relational and gets to the heart of a person’s motivation because she truly cares … and then she does all she can to help her candidates reach their goals.

When Darlene is not helping people realize their dreams, she can be spotted enjoying lunch dates with shelter dogs who just need a fun day out!

If I Won the Lottery:
I would start a sanctuary for senior shelter dogs.

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