iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Breanna Presser

Executive Administrative Assistant

Location: Jacksonville, FL • iEstablished: 2022

As the Executive Administrative Assistant to Client Results at iMethods, Bree occupies a central role in guaranteeing seamless operations, streamlined communication and triumphant outcomes for her team. Serving as a cornerstone for both the iMethods Account Executive team and our clients, she ensures that administrative tasks are adeptly managed, communication channels remain fluid and client needs are promptly addressed. Bree’s dedication lies in staying one step ahead, consistently striving to anticipate and exceed expectations.

Bree received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration with a minor in Leadership from the University of North Florida. Bree was involved in the Health Administration Student Association and was the Women’s Club Soccer team President.

If you can’t find Bree, try searching the beach as she’s most likely looking for shark teeth, visiting a National Park or watching Survivor!

Bucket List Trip:
Travel to Bali!

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