Integration Architect Team Lead

  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Type: Perm Placement
  • Job #33703

iMethods is seeking an Integration Architect Team Lead for a full time opportunity with a large healthcare client in the Jacksonville, FL market. This position will require candidates to either live in or relocate to the Jacksonville area.


Experience:  7+ years, interface, integration and/or middleware systems implementation and support. Managerial or Team Lead experience a plus

  • Traditional HL7 messaging / integration (ADT, ORU, MDM, BAR, etc.)
  • Web services / XML / XSLT
  • CDA-based message formats (C-CDA, CCD)
  • SOAP/REST/FHIR experience
  • IHE profiles, including PIX/PDQ, XDS.b, and XCA
  • EHR interoperability
  • Identity management (using IBM's Initiate MPI is a plus)
  • Consent modeling / XACML
  • JAVA scripting
  • Population health management / analytics
  • NwHIN Connect and Direct

The Integration Solution Architect has responsibility over the integration tier to facilitate the integration of systems so that the client’s infrastructures can function.  They develop a strategy and plan for the overall integration environment. They design and develop new solutions and workflows for implementing integration needs.  They perform operational management of the integration tier in order to maintain uptime and support client.  They create and review documentation needed to support client in any scenario. Works with IS leadership and IS Analyst teams to identify, build, and code integration interfaces; primarily HL7, CCD & C-CDA based interfaces. COREPOINT interface experience a huge plus.  Responsible for establishing and implementing interface communications and integrating information technologies across the organization by leveraging best practices, ensuring effective system utilization, negotiating technical specifications and ensuring adherence to BH security practices.  He/she will provide on-going IT support for customers in assigned areas of system responsibility. He/she may occasionally have project management responsibilities.

Necessary skills:  Ability to multi-task. Strong analysis and problem solving skills. Strong oral and written communication skills.  Must have a general understanding of the healthcare industry in a multi-facility environment.  Experience in with integration of Clinical Information Systems, Scheduling, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Medical Records, Claims, Patient Billing, Data Warehousing, with preference around Cerner, Allscripts, Corepoint , dbMotion, & Initiate(EMPI).

Job Dimensions:

Performs Project Management tasks

  • Researches projects to determine the scope, difficulty, implications, and time needed to complete.
  • Creates implementation plans, including key tasks that must be completed, time frames for these tasks, various task dependencies, testing and implementation steps.
  • Creates project status reports and participates with Systems Manager in the review of these reports to ensure accuracy, quality and timeliness of each.

Strategy and Planning

  • Designs and implements short and long-term strategic goals for managing and maintaining integration systems and software
  • Verifies that all planned and in-place system architectures are aligned with the client goals
  • Provides expertise and architectural assistance through collaboration with other IT personnel including application teams, system analysts and system engineers
  • Research current and emerging technologies while looking for opportunities related to process efficiencies, performance improvements, reduced ROIs, technology simplification and environment consolidation.

Design and Deployment

  • Performs technical requirements and solution design reviews.
  • Provides recommendations for changes and incorporation of best practices as appropriate.
  • Develops and communicates integration standards and best practices related to configuration, build out, testing and deployment.
  • Develops test plans to ensure solution requirements are met and mitigate negative downstream impacts.
  • Performs code reviews for integration related changes including application and infrastructure tiers.

Provides ongoing customer support, both during and after hours

  • Uses technical skills to troubleshoot and solve reported customer problems.  In some cases, Programmer may provide customer with training/education to eliminate future occurrences of same problem.
  • May be required to serve in an on-call capacity, including carrying a mobile phone and/or portable computer. 
  • May be required to travel to various client locations to resolve difficult problems.
  • Will follow departmental standards, participate in post-mortem sessions, and/or perform other tasks to document each problem and its resolution.
  • Utilizes vendor(s) support services for reporting/escalating problems for their resolution.

Performs monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Familiar with system tools for monitoring interfaces.
  • Assists with formulation of best practices for monitoring and promotion of system stability including training and migration of responsibilities to appropriate users.
  • Identifies opportunities for automating problem prevention or for long-term corrections.
  • Monitors for errors and work error logs on a timely basis.
  • Use various report writing tools to assist in data verification and in order to maintain and manage all log files.
  • Provides complete documentation including timing studies and benchmarks where appropriate.
  • Utilizes journals or logs to investigate the transactions that are passed to the various applications.
  • Demonstrates strong analytical and problem solving skills during testing and debugging of the interface functions.
  • Collaborates with  infrastructure teams regarding environment growth, health and stability
  • Develops and executes test plans to ensure adequate system performance and minimize unplanned downtime
  • Monitors integration tier for process/automation improvements, performs audits to ensure alignment to current standards
  • Reviews integration tier critical updates, service packs and new releases and makes appropriate recommendations

Performs interface development, configuration, and testing

  • Assists others in interface records definition and/or development.
  • Participates in interface meetings that discuss sending and receiving systems, data element requirements and record formats.
  • Discusses interface engine capabilities and limitations in said meetings, to further aid in the design of any interface.  This responsibility may include interfaces beyond the engine or require custom solution design and development
  • Reviews interface documents, as necessary, and provide constructive comments.
  • Develop scripts and processes for each interface.
  • Creates and maintains translation tables utilized by various interfaces.
  • Performs preliminary and connectivity testing.
  • Assists customers with detailed testing and testing script creation.
  • Moves tested interfaces into production according to a defined process and organization change control.

Develops documentation (architecture, procedural and training), including:

  • Creates documentation to allow Operations to correctly stop/start each interface.
  • Creates and maintains documentation that describes any unique issues, such as the proper sequence for starting a specific interface.
  • Creates documentation for rebooting and failing over the engine servers.
  • Trains Operations staff, as required, on operational aspects of interfaces.
  • Maintains map of interfaced systems and architecture of interface engine.
  • Documents interface programs and any uniquely coded or filtered fields or segments.
  • Creates and maintains documentation needed to support the integration systems; this should include and not be limited to
    • Runbooks
    • Solution templates
    • Standards
      • Build
      • Code review
      • SDLC
      • Quality Assurance
  • Performs quarterly documentation reviews to ensure technical documentation including standards, runbooks, DR plans etc. are current and align with client policies and goals

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