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Ken Schwartz’ Storied Journey

As the day began at a Cerner Healthcare Conference, iMethods VP of Client Accounts Melissa Brannon approached Ken Schwartz (then an iMethods consultant) to ask if he would speak to a group of Cerner employees and fellow consultants at a dinner later that evening. Flattered, Ken found himself a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility to speak to this group about his experiences working with iMethods. Where would he begin? Could he do it justice in the time he had?

After gathering his thoughts, Ken rose from his seat as the dinner service wrapped up, confident in what he would say, and began to share his story with the other professionals and consultants in attendance – some working with iMethods and some working with other firms. A self-described animated person, he became emotional about how meaningful his time had been working with iMethods.

As he completed his story, a round of applause filled the room. He felt a sigh of relief. It was important to him to do this well, and the applause affirmed he had hit all the right notes.