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iMethods consultants have decades of combined experience in effective HIT solution creation. We pride ourselves on placements and solutions that achieve the greatest positive change possible while maintaining strict cost-benefit protocol.

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Our healthcare IT consulting solutions are aimed at helping you create efficiencies in providing exceptional healthcare services to your patients.

Relevant Insights

See what our clients are saying about working with us.

"iMethods has a good culture within their company, and so do the consultants who work for them. The management team from iMethods went out of their way to recognize their consultants working with us for the things they had done. In most of my work with agencies, our interactions are more transactional; there is a contract in place, and the consultant may or may not know anybody at the agency. The best thing about iMethods is that they want to make their folks feel as though they are part of the team, even if they are contracted for just a short period of time. I know that the consultants working here are not looking for their next jobs; they are very invested in this project. I appreciate that."

"I need to mention a few things about iMethods. First, iMethods can adapt to an organization's culture, needs, and problems. Second, I would mention the openness and willingness of every iMethods team member to alter the course to satisfy the customer. Finding a win-win solution was always at the top of the iMethods people's minds. The third thing I will mention is that their ability to build relationships is very strong. It is obvious that iMethods knows that reputation drives everything. They know that their next job is dependent on how they lead the current one."

"iMethods recruits the best talent. We had a very tough project in terms of high expectations. iMethods really searched and brought us the best of the best. The consultants really went above and beyond and immediately cemented their relationship with our operations folks. There was no doubt that we wanted them to proceed with the project. iMethods really excels at finding great and talented people with experience to meet our needs."

Consultant Advisory Council

iMethods is fortunate to have an exceptionally strong consultant community. This team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across a variety of clinical workflows and technologies. The Council provides insights into market trends, serves as a sounding board for new service line development, supports our marketing and networking efforts and identifies health system needs that can be solved by specific technology expertise and staff augmentation. Meet them here!

Partners & Expertise

iMethods makes sure your team has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage a more efficient healthcare delivery system.

For example, through our partnership with Eggplant, an international leader in test automation solutions, iMethods offers faster, more efficient testing solutions for your software implementations.

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