Linda Smiley

Healthcare IT Recruiter

Location: Jacksonville, Florida • iEstablished: 2020
Linda Smiley

Linda Smiley is a Healthcare IT Recruiter with a passion for wanting to make a difference in the world! Linda’s passion, along with her hard work ethic assists her when helping others find a new job they truly, love!

Prior to joining the iMethods team, Linda Smiley was living in Pittsburgh, Pa and kept busy managing a custom gift making company, whom she is one of the Co-Founders.  Linda also has five years of experience working side by side with students helping them navigate their college careers, as an Assistant Director of Admissions for a private college.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys going on any outdoor adventures, talking about recipes and whipping up some good eats!

 Fun Fact: Linda’s dream is to one day own a Wiener Dog farm called “Wienerville”