iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Trent Saiget

Healthcare IT Recruiter

Location: Denver, CO • iEstablished: 2023

Trent Saiget joined the iMethods team as a Healthcare IT Recruiter with the goals of connecting people with opportunities and empowering them to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. He believes that everyone has a story, and you never know what that story is until you ask. The most valuable lesson Trent ever learned from a previous mentor is “seek to serve and make every person feel significant.” His hope is for everyone to walk away feeling better about themselves and their interaction than before they met him.

Prior to joining iMethods, Trent’s background was in education. He was a Student Success Coach for Guild Education, an Ed-Tech start-up located in Denver, CO. Before that, he worked for his Alma Mater at the University of San Diego as an Undergraduate Admissions representative and an Enrollment Management Counselor. During his first job at USD, as a student tour guide, his friends would often joke that they could hear him giving a tour and laughing from the opposite side of campus.

In his spare time, you can find Trent at the nearest crag or rock-climbing gym “hanging out”. During the summer months, he will be in the park playing volleyball and attempting to perfect a jump serve. Trent is also a self-described “foodie and appreciator of craft libations” and made the Ultimate Denver Restaurant/Drink Guide (ask him for a copy!) On the weekends, he works at one of Denver’s largest craft breweries and encourages all friends and family to visit (and snag a discount while you are at it.) While he did grow up in Northern Virginia, he will tell you he is really from San Diego, CA (Go Chargers!) where his whole family is originally from. His favorite part of going back home is visiting his little nephew.

I Felt Most Famous When:
The Colorado Avalanche won the 2022 NHL Championship and brought the trophy to my workplace where I got to hold, take pictures with, and celebrate from the Stanley Cup.

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