iMethods KLAS overall Vendor Score: 96.0

Cassidy Malone

Healthcare IT Recruiter

Location: Houston, TX • iEstablished: 2021
Cassidy Lovett headshot

Cassidy Malone joined iMethods as a Healthcare IT Recruiter. She is passionate about helping people find jobs they too are passionate about and enjoys talking to new people and having meaningful conversations. Cassidy chose to work for iMethods because of the same passion the entire team has. The drive behind everyone in the company is inspiring and rewarding.

Prior to Cassidy’s arrival to iMethods, she was an LSU graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. She took her communication skills and started off as an Account Manager in another healthcare consulting firm. Although she admired the work she did there, she desired something more which landed her the position as a recruiter at iMethods – and she hasn’t looked back since.

In Cassidy’s spare time, she loves to host game nights at her and her husband’s house. She has a nice collection of games and loves inviting over their closest friends to compete in some intense games of Uno (yes… she has EVERY version of Uno – Uno Dare, Uno Flip, Uno Attack, Uno Showdown, Dos… the list goes on and on!) She also enjoys playing the guitar in her spare time, which she has been playing ever since she was 8 because her parents insisted on her learning how to play Stairway to Heaven!

Fun Fact:
Cassidy has traveled to 18 different countries in Europe and hopes to visit many more!

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