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Automation at Work: Activating Surge Beds

Preparing for COVID-19 patient volumes has become a singular focus for health systems over the last two months. For the most part, social distancing guidelines have successfully flattened the curve of predicted surges but we will need to have processes in place to appropriately manage what will likely be waves of COVID patients still to come.

One challenge inherent to managing patients as they move through the hospital on their COVID journey is commissioning and decommissioning surge beds. The process is manual and consumes resources the hospital can better use elsewhere.

Process automation can solve for this.

Beyond commissioning/decommissioning surge beds, automation can be used to manage other bed activations throughout the hospital system long-term. Incorporating this functionality increases efficiencies and – because it removes people from the process – also reduces potential data entry errors or oversights that could impact billing downstream.

Streamlining operations will be key to meeting challenges presented by the pandemic – today and as the US health system moves into a post-COVID recovery phase. Leveraging our partnership with Eggplant (a leading testing and automation software provider), iMethods can automate virtually any workflow, including activating surge beds. Your staff can then focus on other IT projects critical to the immediate and longer-term needs of the organization.

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